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Housing / Housing Revenue Improvement Plan - Progress Report

Meeting: 09/07/2019 - Executive (Item 23)

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This report is due to be the subject of pre-scrutiny by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee at a meeting that is due to take place on 4th July, after the publication of the agenda for this meeting. Any recommendations made by the Overview and Scrutiny committee in respect of this matter will be reported for the consideration of the Executive Committee in an additional papers pack.


Additional documents:


The Deputy Chief Executive presented a report in respect of the progress that had been achieved with the implementation of the Housing Strategic Improvement/ Action Plan. 


It was noted that Overview and Scrutiny had pre-scrutinised the report at its meeting on 4th July but had not put forward any recommendations.


During the presentation of the report the following matters were highlighted for Members’ consideration:


·             This was the second progress report in respect of the Housing Implementation Plan that had been presented to Members since December 2018.

·             Whilst corporate actions were being progressed, the cultural changes would need a longer timeframe.

·             Recruitment was ongoing for the two senior posts in the structure which were vacant, and it was anticipated that these would be filled by September.

·             Pending appointment to those two posts the service reviews listed at paragraph 3.3.8 would be deferred.

·             The Gas Business Case was being progressed and was due to be considered by Executive in October 2019.  The Council remained compliant with its statutory requirements in this regard; the business case would look at options for future service delivery.

·             The Stock Condition Survey was progressing and was anticipated to be 60% to 70% complete by November 2019.

·             43 out of the 50 strategic and operational measures approved earlier in the year had been placed on the Council’s dashboard.  The measures were being regularly monitored and reviewed.

·             The procurement of the Housing Management IT system was progressing subject to a slight delay.

·             Risk logs were being maintained and regularly reviewed, and Members were referred to the 4 areas categorised as high risk as set out on page 135 of the main agenda.


Members discussed the report in detail and thanked the officers for their continuing work in addressing the areas identified for improvement within Housing Services in 2017/18.




The contents of the report and progress reports be noted.