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Redditch Council Plan

Meeting: 19/12/2019 - Executive (Item 72)

72 Redditch Council Plan pdf icon PDF 53 KB

This report will be the subject of pre-scrutiny at a meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee that is due to take place on 16th December 2019.  Any recommendations arising from this meeting will be reported in an additional papers pack for the consideration of the Executive Committee.


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The Policy Manager presented the Redditch Council Plan for Members’ consideration.  The Committee was informed that in the plan the number of the Council’s strategic purposes had been reduced from six to five, though various elements of the previous strategic purpose “provide good things for me to do, see and visit” had been incorporated into the plan across all the priorities. There was a green thread running through the plan, which helped to demonstrate the Council’s commitment to tackling climate change.  Organisational priorities which set out how the Council would deliver on each strategic purpose had been included in the plan, as had community priorities and information about how the Council would measure progress.


Members noted that the report had been subject to pre-decision scrutiny, though the Overview and Scrutiny Committee had not made any recommendations on the subject.




the Redditch Council Plan be approved.