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Independent Remuneration Panel Report 2021/22

Meeting: 12/01/2021 - Executive (Item 55)

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The Electoral Services Manager presented the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP’s) report in respect of Members’ allowances for 2021/22.  The Committee was informed that the IRP reported on an annual basis regarding Members’ allowances for the following financial year.  Council needed to give due regard to the IRP’s proposals, though was not obliged to approve the recommendations detailed within the report.


Members discussed the report and in so doing noted that the report was being considered at a time when many residents were being made redundant or living on reduced incomes whilst on furlough.  In these circumstances, Members expressed the view that an increase in their allowances could not be justified. 


During consideration of this item, it was noted that, whilst the IRP was proposing a 2.75 per cent increase to Members’ allowances, this figure reflected an increase on a level of allowances not yet in place in Redditch.  In Redditch, in the 2020/21 municipal year, there had been no increase to Members’ allowances and so the basic allowance for Redditch Members would be closer to five per cent lower than the basic allowance that was in place for other Councillors in Worcestershire where the recommended increase had been agreed. 




1)        travel allowances for 2021-22 continue to be paid in accordance with the HMRC mileage allowance;


2)        subsistence allowances for 2021-22 remain unchanged;


3)        the Dependent Carer’s Allowance remains unchanged; and


4)        for Parish Councils in the District,if travel and subsistence is paid, the Panel recommends that it is paid in accordance with the rates paid by Redditch Borough Council and in accordance with the relevant Regulations