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Council Tax Support Scheme -Update

Meeting: 14/06/2022 - Executive (Item 9)

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This report is due to be pre-scrutinised at a meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee scheduled to take place on Thursday 9th June.  Any recommendations that are made on this subject by the Committee will be reported for the consideration of the Executive Committee in a supplementary pack.



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The Interim Head of Finance and Customer Services presented an update on the Council Tax Support Scheme for Members’ consideration.


The Executive Committee was informed that the report detailed arrangements for the scheme that were already in place as well as proposals for consultation on changes to the scheme for the 2023/24 financial year.  There would be a number of options available to the Council in respect of the next Council Tax Support Scheme.  Any changes to the scheme would need to be subject to public consultation.  There would also need to be consultation with all the precepting authorities.


Members welcomed the report in respect of the Council Tax Support Scheme and the requirement for consultation in relation to any changes to the scheme.  It was suggested that it might be helpful to offer incentives within the scheme to encourage people to foster children in the Borough.


During consideration of this item, Members noted that the Overview and Scrutiny Committee had pre-scrutinised the report at a meeting of the Committee held on 9th June 2022.  The Overview and Scrutiny Committee was thanked for their hard work scrutinising the scheme.




1)          the present scheme be noted; and 


2)          the proposed consultation process for the 2023/24 scheme be approved.