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Council Tax Base 2023/24

Meeting: 10/01/2023 - Executive (Item 106)

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The Interim Section 151 Officer presented the Council Tax Base report for Members’ consideration.


The Committee was advised that the Council Tax Base item was a statutory report.  The information provided in the report helped to inform precepting authorities about the amount of income from Council Tax that they could expect to receive during the following financial year.  The figures provided in the report had been based on data as of 30th November 2022 for the Borough.  The figures also assumed a 98 per cent collection rate, which was standard for Redditch Borough.  Members were asked to note that some Councils assumed a 99 per cent collection rate but if the same approach was applied in Redditch, there was a risk that the Council would not collect the extra 1 per cent in income creating an additional pressure on the budget.


Members were advised that only 40 new homes, valued at Council Tax Band D equivalent, had been developed in the previous year adding to the Council Base.  This was a relatively low figure.




1)          the calculation of the Council’s Tax Base for the whole and parts of the area for 2023/24, be approved; and


2)          in accordance with the Local Authorities (Calculation of Tax Base) Regulations 1992, the figures calculated by the Redditch Borough Council as its tax base for the whole area for the year 2023/24 be 26,304.94 and for the parts of the area listed below be:


Parish of Feckenham                         375.79                    

Rest of Redditch                25,929.15

Total for Borough               26,304.94