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Quarterly Risk Update

Meeting: 10/01/2023 - Executive (Item 112)

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The Interim Section 151 Officer presented the Quarterly Risk Update for Members’ consideration.


The Committee was reminded that the Internal Audit team had concluded in March 2022 that there was no assurance in a review of the Council’s risk management arrangements.  Since that time, an officer group had been established to manage Council risks and each department was represented at meetings of this group.  CMT had also reviewed risks and had a meeting each month which focused on risk assurance.


Initially there had been in excess of 100 departmental risks identified for the Council.  However, these had been reviewed on a number of occasions and there were 63 departmental risks by the date of the meeting. It was likely that this would increase to incorporate risks in relation to damp and mould in properties but the lead department for this subject still remained to be confirmed.


During consideration of this item, Members commented on the potential risks arising from staff working from home, particularly in relation to new staff receiving induction and training.  It was raised that staff would benefit from meeting with managers and other staff in person and to shadow colleagues in the workplace.  Officers acknowledged that this was important and noted that the Council was aiming to address this through the Agile Working Policy and performance management arrangements.




the report be noted.