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Executive Committee

Meeting: 13/11/2023 - Council (Item 47)

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Council considered the minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee held on 31st October 2023.


Garden Waste Service


Members supported the recommendations to introduce a garden waste service in the Borough which would increase the capacity of the service and enable more residents to take it up.  In response to queries from members, the Portfolio Holder reported that officers were working on a theme for the vehicle to highlight the service and green credentials.  The new service would begin in February 2024, and the service that had until now been operated by Bromsgrove District Council on the Borough’s behalf had demonstrated the demand for the service from residents.   The Portfolio Holder confirmed that the Council would continue to promote home composting.


Annual Refresh of Council Plan


During the debate on this item the view was expressed that the priorities were not appropriate, and the Council’s finances could be managed better.  The Leader of the Council responded that the priorities in the plan reflected those of the residents on Redditch who had contributed to the consultation and the Council’s finances were stable.


Medium Term Financial Plan Tranche 1 Budget - including Fees and Charges (prior to consultation)


During consideration of the recommendation about the play audit, the view was expressed that whilst supporting this, it was disappointing that smaller play areas were not included.  The Portfolio Holder invited all members to contact her to discuss potential improvements to play areas in their wards. 


In response to questions about the process for the medium-term financial plan, the Interim S151 Officer clarified that fees and charges would be presented to Executive Committee in early December following consideration by the Budget Scrutiny Working Group.  They would then be presented to Council in January 2024,




the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee held on 31st October 2023 be received and all recommendations adopted.