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Overview and Scrutiny

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Information about Overview and Scrutiny

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee at Redditch Borough Council is the Committee that holds the decision making body of the Council (the Executive Committee) to account.  The Overview and Scrutiny Committee performs five key functions within the Council that include:


  • holding the Executive Committee to account;
  • reviewing the Council’s performance;
  • conducting policy reviews;
  • contributing to policy development; and
  • undertaking external scrutiny of other organisations and partnerships.


There is one Overview and Scrutiny Committee that acts as a commissioning body.  This Committee has the power to authorise policy reviews and can scrutinise any issue of internal Council procedure as well as issues that are of general interest to the public.  The Committee has the option to commission subject reviews from smaller groups of Councillors.  These smaller groups are called Task Groups. 


The Overview and Scrutiny Committee comprises of nine members.  Currently four Conservative Councillors, four Labour Councillors and one UK Independence Party Councillor sit on the Committee. 


Membership of this Committee will be determined at the Council AGM on the 21 May 2018.