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Executive Committee


Redditch Borough Council Low Emission Vehicle Strategy


Members were advised that there had been a few typographical errors in the strategy that had been provided for the consideration of Council.  These errors would be removed from the final version of the policy before it was implemented.


During consideration of this item Members noted that there was a lot of action that needed to be taken by both the Council and other organisations to reduce vehicle emissions.  In particular, Members noted that in the long-term the government would be banning diesel and petrol operated cars and drivers would need to move to using hybrid and electric vehicles.  This would also have implications for the vehicles used by the Council, which would eventually need to be upgraded.  However, Redditch Borough Council was one of the first local authorities to introduce a low emissions vehicle strategy and the content of the policy would enable the Council to advise interested parties on the subject.  Furthermore, by adopting the policy the Council would be in a better position to apply for relevant grant funding from the government.


Financial Outturn Report 2018/19


Members noted that at the end of the financial year for 2018/19 the Council’s budget had been overspent by £183,000.  This gap had been addressed by using funding from reserves.  The Council’s accounts would be published later in the week and at that point further detail would be made available to Members.  The discussions concluded with Members noting that local government finances remained challenging moving forward.




the minutes of the meeting  of the Executive Committee held on Tuesday 9th July 2019 be received and all recommendations adopted.

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