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Members' ICT and Bring Your Own Device Policies


The ICT Transformation Manager and Portfolio Holder for Leisure, as the relevant lead Portfolio Holder for IT, presented the Members’ ICT and Members’ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies for the Committee’s consideration.


During the presentation of the report the following matters were highlighted for Members’ consideration:


·                Elected Members were all offered the opportunity to use ipads for their Council work at present.

·                Unfortunately, the functionality of the ipads was limited.  This had created difficulties during the recent lockdown as it had impacted on Members’ access to virtual meetings.  Members could also not access Microsoft software on their ipads.

·                The amended Members’ ICT policy proposed that Members should be offered two options; a Council laptop or Microsoft Surface Pro device or to use their own IT equipment, subject to agreeing to the Members’ BYOD Policy.

·                Under the proposals, Members would continue to provide their own broadband access, but the ICT team would provide support in relation to use of the Council’s devices and software.

·                All Council devices would need to be PSN compliant and scanning would be required from time to time.

·                The cost of purchasing a single laptop would be £400 and a Microsoft Surface Pro device would cost £680 each. 

·                Additional equipment, such as a docking station to enable Members to view documents on a larger screen, might be required in some cases.  These could cost approximately £250.

·                The BYOD Policy provided Members with the flexibility to use alternative devices.  Initially, as the Council continued to use blackberry software, only android and apple devices could be used under this policy, but when the Council migrated to a different system more alternatives could be used.

·                Officers were working on a roll out of Office365 and Microsoft Teams which would provide greater flexibility and functionality for Members in the future.

·                Two factor authentication might be required in future, in relation to the BYOD policy, to ensure compliance with security requirements.

·                The ICT team would be able to support Councillors in use of the Council’s software but would not be able to assist Members with management of their personal devices.

·                Under the BYOD policy, the Council would retain control of Council data accessible from a personal device.  Should Members lose the device or cease to be a Councillor, the data would be erased, though no personal data would be removed.

·                In cases where a Councillor lost either their Council device or the personal device s/he used for Council business s/he would be responsible for notifying the ICT team so that the data could be erased.

·                Any laptops purchased during the lockdown for Members’ use would be paid for using funding from the Council’s Covid-19 budget.  This would enable Members to fulfil their responsibilities during the lockdown.


Following the presentation of the report Members discussed a number of points in detail:


·                The need for Councillors to be able to access information in a timely manner and to participate effectively in virtual Committee meetings during the lockdown.

·                The potential for Members to access Committee papers electronically from their Council devices using the app.  Some Members noted that they would like to continue to receive paper copies of agenda packs.

·                The importance of effective IT devices to enable Members to both participate in decision making at Committee meetings and to manage case work in relation to their wards.

·                The timescales for the roll out of Microsoft Teams at the Council. Officers advised that the aim was to provide all elected Members with access to Microsoft Teams by 18th June 2020.

·                The timescales for the delivery of Office365 to Members.  Officers explained that, following exchange integration, Members would be provided with access to Office365 by 6th August 2020.

·                The two options available to Members and the extent to which Members could opt to both have a Council issued piece of equipment and to use his/her own IT equipment.  The Committee was advised that Members could use both options for Council business.

·                The training that would be available to Members.  Officers confirmed that training would be provided and paid for within existing Council budgets.

·                The need for ICT devices to be made available for new Members in the future and the potential financial implications for the Council.

·                The potential for Councillors who already had access to their own ICT equipment to opt to use this in order to minimise the financial implications for the Council moving forward.

·                The fact that some Councillors could not afford to purchase their own IT devices and would be reliant on the Council to supply appropriate equipment.




1)        the proposed Member ICT Bring Your Own Device Policy be agreed and implemented; and




2)        the proposed Member ICT Policy be agreed and implemented for all Members and that the options within it be made available to Members.


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