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Application 17/01357/FUL - Land at the rear of Victoria House Feckenham Road Astwood Bank Redditch B96 6DS - Mr D Broadbent


Proposed three two-bedroom flats


Officers outlined the application which was for the construction of three two-bedroom flats, with under cover parking, associated amenity space and formalisation of the external parking area.  It was noted that the formalised parking would serve the future occupants of the proposed flats and be shared by residents of the flats at Victoria House.


Officers explained the orientation and proposed layout of the site by reference to the plans and photographs in the presentation pack.  It was noted that exit and egress would be via the existing access road linking the parking area to Feckenham Road.


The principle of development would be compliant with Policy 2 of the Borough of Redditch Local Plan and given the existing mixed pattern of development in the area the proposal had been assessed as acceptable with regard to design, density and appearance.


It was noted that objections had been received from residents living in Beverley Close whose back gardens abutted the northern boundary of the site.  Issues raised included loss of privacy, loss of light and over development.


Officers had carefully assessed the application and found it to be complaint in terms of separation distances and the proposed arrangement was not considered to be overbearing or have an unacceptable impact on residential amenity.


With regard to highway issues, the initial objection lodged by County Highways had been withdrawn in light of changes made to the scheme by the applicant.  These changes included increasing the amount of parking, widening the access road by moving a boundary wall and removing a small section of wall at the junction of the access road and Feckenham Road to improve visibility.


Officers had concluded that there were no adverse impacts of granting planning permission that would outweigh the benefits and the application was recommended for approval.


At the invitation of the Chair the following public speakers addressed the Committee under the Council’s Public Speaking Rules in objection to the application: -


·       Mr Darren Thompson - local resident

·       Mr David Good year - local resident

·       Ms Tessa Hawes - local resident


In responding to questions from Members, officers clarified a number of points including: -


·       That no objection to the scheme had been raised by the fire authority.

·       That the plan provided of the car park area was to scale and under the conditions the applicant would be required to build out the development in accordance with the plans.

·       That the proposed works to create a passing space on the access road and remove the wall at the junction with Feckenham Road were within the control of the applicant who was the land owner.

·       That a bin storage area was included in the plans with pedestrian access.


In debating the application Members commented on the highways issues raised in public speaking, access to the site, parking and the location of bin storage.  It was noted that the application complied with the relevant polices and that the development could improve the appearance of the area.  The recommendation was proposed and seconded.


Following further discussion regarding boundary treatment, it was agreed that the recommendation should  be amended to add an additional condition requiring the developer to submit a scheme to the Local Planning Authority for approval as to the details of what boundary treatment would be used and provision of appropriate bin storage.  Members requested that in drafting the final wording officers should stipulate that the boundary treatment for the rear gardens of the houses on Beverley Close be completed upon commencement of the development.




Having regard to the development plan and to all other material considerations, planning permission be granted subject to: -


(1)   the conditions and informatives set out on pages 14 to 18 of the agenda;




(2)  the addition of the following extra condition regarding boundary treatment and bin storage: -



Prior to development commencing, a scheme shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority detailing the boundary treatments to the site along with the provision of a suitable bin storage area. Those boundary treatments which abut numbers 8, 7 and 6 Beverley Close shall be installed before the construction of the building starts. The remaining boundary treatments shall be installed prior to the first occupation of the building, as will the bin storage area. The boundary treatments and bin storage areas will be retained for the life of the development hereby approved.


Reason: To provide suitable boundary treatments, in order to protect the residential amenity of existing neighbours and future occupiers of the development; and in the interests of providing adequate refuse storage capacity in a visually acceptable manner. The condition is required to be pre-commencement as it is necessary to protect the residential amenity of the neighbours along Beverley Close throughout the early stages of development.





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