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Homelessness Prevention Grant 2023/24


The Housing Strategy and Enabling Manager presented a report focusing on the Council’s Homelessness Prevention Grant funding for 2023/24.


The Council had been awarded a total of £325,375 in Homelessness Prevention Grant by the Government for the 2023/24 financial year.  In addition, there had been a £35,000 underspend in the fund in the 2022/23 financial year which would be available to use the following year.  The funding was ring fenced to support initiatives designed to prevent homelessness.  In considering the content of the report, Members were asked to note that the Council had a statutory duty under the Housing Act 1996 (as amended), to assist people threatened with homelessness as well as additional duties relating to preventing homelessness and rough sleeping.


The report outlined the various different local schemes that officers were proposing should be supported using funding from the Homelessness Prevention Grant in 2023/24.  The proposed schemes included initiatives delivered by partner organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) which would help many residents including vulnerable groups at particular risk of becoming homeless, such as people leaving prison and young people.  There was a risk that if the Council did not support these schemes, the authority might need to cover increasing costs for the provision of temporary accommodation in Bed and Breakfast establishments.


Following the presentation of the report, the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Procurement commented that he welcomed the Homelessness Prevention Grant funding and the positive impact that use of this funding could have on tackling homelessness in the Borough.  In particular, he highlighted the work to help vulnerable groups at greater risk of becoming homeless and the excellent work that various VCS organisations were already delivering in the local community to address this issue.


During consideration of this item, the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Procurement proposed an alteration to the wording of the second recommendation detailed in the report.  This proposed that, in respect of the delegation to the Head of Community and Housing Services to use any unallocated grant funding during the year and to make further adjustments where appropriate, the delegation should apply following consultation with both the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Procurement as well as the Portfolio Holder for Community Services and Regulatory Services.  This proposal was made on the basis of the importance of this funding to the local community.  The alteration was agreed by Members.




1)          the following initiatives be approved to receive allocation of funding 2023/24:




(up to)

Redditch Nightstop - Outreach Worker to support 21 to 35 year olds and prevent homelessness or work towards planned moves into suitable and sustainable accommodation.


Redditch Nightstop Core Funding


Redditch Nightstop Safe Accommodation and Support


CCP Rough Sleeper Outreach Service


GreenSquare Accord – 18 units of supported accommodation for Ex Offenders or those likely to offend


St Basils – Provide 24 hour cover to 23 units of accommodation for young people aged 16- 23 years


Newstarts - Furniture Project to provide furniture for homeless households.


Homelessness Prevention - Spend to Save budget for use by Housing Options Officers


Temporary Accommodation Management – as 3.1 above


St Basils Smallwood Almshouses - Progression Coach to offer additional support that can operate outside of normal office hours to fit around a young persons education, training and employment.



Citizens Advice Debt Advice



St Basils Young Persons Pathway Worker


St Basils Crash Pad emergency accommodation


County Partnership Manager


Batchley Support Group


Single and Childless Couples Homeless Prevention Service





2)          delegated authority be granted to the Head of Community and Housing Services following consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Procurement and the Portfolio Holder for Community Services and Regulatory Services to use any unallocated Grant during the year or make further adjustments as necessary to ensure full utilisation of the Grants for 2023/24 in support of existing or new schemes.




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