Agenda item

Application - 22/00637/FUL - Numbers 45 to 122 High Trees Close, Oakenshaw, Redditch, B98 7BP


This application was being reported to the Planning Committee because the applicant was Redditch Borough Council. As such the application fell outside the Scheme of Delegation to Officers


Having declared an interest, Councillor Baker-Price left the meeting room and took no part in the debate or decision making process for this item.


Officers informed the Committee that there was no update report for the item.


Officers presented the report and in doing so, drew Members attention to the presentation slides on pages 33-42 of the Site Plans and Presentation Pack.


The proposal comprised general repair and improvement works to 77 properties in totalsituated within High Trees Close. The works included the replacement of existing crackedconcrete planters serving existing balconies with powder coated metal privacy fencingand rails; improved water proofing solutions to balconies and increased insulation;replacing the original brick kerbs with concrete kerbs; street lighting and waste removalimprovements.


Officers drew Members’ attention to the example of the metal balustrade on page 38 of the Site Plans and Presentations Pack.  Officers highlighted that this image was to show materials and style only and that the actual railing would be 1m High.


Officers also mentioned:

  • Upgrades would affect 77 flats.
  • Changes to the waste system to match a system used in Batchley, which used the same bins but housed them in a timber/galvanised metal unit.
  • Change in the lamps to convert to LED providing a brighter white light.
  • Replacing current brick curbs with more robust concrete curbs.


In conclusion, having had regard to the development plan and to all other material considerations, Officers recommended that the application be approved.


Members then asked questions of the Officers.


Members asked if a 1m balustrade presented a suitable safety measure. Officers explained that the current height of the planters was 750mm so there would be an increase in height compared to that of the existing. Officers also highlighted that the 1m height would be to the upper floors and that the ground floor would have a 1250mm balustrade.


At the invitation of the Chair, Mr. Andrew Rainbow, Capital Programmes and Contracts Manager for RBC addressed the Committee.


Members then considered the application, which Officers had recommended be approved.


Members commented that the upgrades would enhance the properties and public safety, improving the life of residents.


Members thanked the speaker for addressing the Committee. Members also recognised the work and consideration that had been put into the project by the development team.


Members commented that the development would much improve the visual amenities of the area comparing the proposals with the appearance of the existing deteriorating concrete planters.


Members expressed concern over the 1m railings being of insufficient height to prevent falling from the balconies. Officers replied that balcony railing heights with respect to matters of safety would be covered under separate legislation, principally that of the building regulations.


All Members were in agreement with the Officer’s recommendation.




Having regard to the development plan and to all other material considerations, planning permission be GRANTED subject to the Conditions outlined on page 39 of the main agenda pack.

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