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Application - 22/00506/FUL - Land At Shawbank Road Redditch Worcestershire B98 8YN


The application was reported to Planning Committee for determination because the application was for major development (more than 1000 sq metres of new commercial / industrial floorspace). As such the application fell outside the Scheme of Delegation to Officers.


Officers presented the report and in doing so, drew Members attention to the presentation slides on pages 1-9 of the Site Plans and Presentation Pack.


The application was for the construction of a warehouse storage facility on the land at Shawbank Road, Redditch. The land formed part of the rear service yard to the existing Fly by Nite rehearsal studio and offices.


Officers reported that the existing access to the site would be retained and highlighted its location, as detailed on page 2 of the Site Plans and Presentation Pack. Officers also stated that Worcester County Council Highways had no objections regarding the application and had not requested a financial contribution.


Officers further informed Members that the development would not impact any existing jobs at the Fly by Night site and would generate 5 new full-time warehouse vacancies.


Officers reported that the land was located behind the existing Fly by Night offices which was designated as a primary employment area, therefore, Officers had no objection with the proposed land use.


Officers drew Members attention to the comments received from North Worcestershire Water Management (NWWM), as detailed on page 10 of the main agenda pack. NWWM had sought clarification on several issues in regard to drainage; and in response to this request developers had supplied further drainage information to NWWM. Officers reported that NWWM were satisfied with the response received and were confident that a solution could be achieved with a suitably worded Condition. Officers updated Members that they had spoken to NWWM earlier in the day and would therefore be able to finalise a Condition and wording imminently.


In conclusion, having had regard to the development plan and to all other material considerations, Officers recommended that delegated powers be granted.


Members then asked questions of the Officers.


Members sought clarification that if NWWM were now happy with the drainage solution why were Officers still seeking delegated powers rather than a Committee decision. Officers clarified that NWWM were happy that a solution could be reached, however, that would be subject to a satisfactorily worded pre-commencement Condition, and that the wording and content of such a Condition had not been finalised.


Members sought clarification on the parking arrangements mentioned under Condition 7, as detailed on page 13 of the main agenda pack. Officers clarified that the image “209-0222-04-PROPOSED SITE PLAN” mentioned in the above Condition referred to the image on page 7 of the Site Plans and Presentations Pack. Officers further explained that car parking provision would be maintained on the existing Fly by Nite site which Worcester County Council Highways had deemed as adequate. Officers also highlighted that the only Conditions requested by Highways referred to additional accessibility parking and cycle storage which were covered under the Conditions. Officers informed Members that the site was currently used to store heavy goods vehicles, however, the applicant had provision to move these elsewhere in order to accommodate the development.


Members sought information from Officers regarding the expected nature of the drainage Condition. Officers informed Members that it would likely be a sustainable drainage solution (SuDS).


Members then considered the application, which Officers had recommended be delegated to the Head of Service.


Members commented that it would have been preferable to be able to give a solution rather than delegate but understood there was no time to provide a suitable update /Condition, so understood the recommendation had to stay as delegated.


Members commented that they were happy with the NWWM Officer who was dealing with the application so were in favour to delegate the decision pending a suitable Condition from NWWM.


All Members were in agreement with the Officer’s recommendation.




Having had regard to the development plan and to all other material considerations, delegated powers be granted to the Head of Planning, Regeneration and Leisure Services to determine the planning application subject to:


a)    Conditions and Informatives as summarised on pages 11 to 14 of the main agenda report; and  


b)    an additional pre-commencement drainage Condition.



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