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  • Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
    Arrow Valley Countryside Centre - Change of Operator03/01/2019For Determination25/02/2019
    Housing / Housing Revenue Improvement Plan - Progress Report02/01/2019For Determination11/06/2019
    New Cemetery Provision02/01/2019For Determination10/09/2019
    Redditch Borough Council's Community Lottery02/01/2019For Determination05/02/2019
    Business Case - Domestic Waste Collection Resources04/12/2018For Determination25/02/2019
    Far Moor Lane, Redditch - Land Disposal to Homes England03/12/2018For Determination15/04/2019
    Housing / Housing Revenue Improvement Plan - Progress Report03/12/2018For Determination05/02/2019
    Homelessness Grant, Flexible Homelessness Support and Homelessness New Burden's Fund Report 2019/2003/12/2018For Determination15/04/2019
    Independent Remuneration Panel Report and Recommendations for 2019/2003/12/2018For Determination25/02/2019
    Worcestershire Strategic Direction for Tackling Homelessness03/12/2018For Determination26/03/2019
    Homes England Asset Transfer01/11/2018For Determination26/03/2019
    Unit 17, Broad Ground Road, Redditch01/11/2018For Determination26/03/2019
    Performance Report01/11/2018For Determination26/03/2019
    Development Partner to Progress the Possible Redevelopment of Winyates and / or Matchborough District Centres and Surrounding Areas01/11/2018For Determination08/01/2019
    Review of the Voluntary and Community Sector Grants Policy01/11/2018For Determination28/01/2019
    Redditch Borough Council's response to the Bromsgrove Plan Review - Issues and Options Consultation01/11/2018For Determination28/01/2019
    Review of the Policy for Voluntary and Community Sector Concessionary Rents01/10/2018For DeterminationNot before 15/04/2019
    Tenancy Conditions for Council Housing Tenants and Tenants' Handbook01/10/2018For Determination15/04/2019
    Finance System19/10/2018For Determination15/04/2019
    Shareholder Committee - Local Authority Trading company10/09/2018For Determination19/11/2018
    Council Housing Growth Programme - Proposed Development Sites02/08/2018For Determination23/10/2018
    Housing Allocations Policy - Update01/08/2018For Determination19/11/2018
    Voluntary and Community Sector Grants01/05/2018For Determination19/11/2018
    Pay Policy Statement 2019/2001/05/2018For Determination25/02/2019
    Medium Term Financial Plan 2019/20 to 2022/23 and Council Tax Setting01/05/2018For Determination25/02/2019
    Capital Programme 2019/20 to 2022/2301/05/2018For Determination28/01/2019
    Medium Term Financial Plan 2019/20 to 2022/23 - Update Report01/05/2018For Determination08/01/2019
    Medium Term Financial Plan 2019/20 to 2022/23 - Update Report01/05/2018For Determination11/12/2018
    Housing Revenue Account Initial Budget 2019/20 to 2021/2201/05/2018For Determination28/01/2019
    Fees and Charges 2019/2001/05/2018For Determination28/01/2019
    Finance Monitoring Quarter 3 2018/1901/05/2018For Determination26/03/2019
    Finance Monitoring Quarter 2 2018/1901/05/2018For Determination28/01/2019
    Council Tax Base 2019/2001/05/2018For Determination28/01/2019
    Overview and Scrutiny Committee's Annual Report 2018/1903/04/2018For Determination15/04/2019
    Council Tax Support Scheme and Wider Support Framework03/04/2018For Determination25/02/2019
    Private Sector Home Repair Assistance Policy Update03/04/2018For Determination26/03/2019
    Performance Report01/03/2018For Determination05/02/2019
    Performance Report01/03/2018For Determination05/02/2019
    Redditch Business Improvement District01/11/2017For DeterminationNot before 11/12/2018
    Matchborough and Winyates District Centre Redevelopment Consultations03/07/2017For DeterminationNot before 26/03/2019
    Service Delivery Options - HRA Gas Maintenance03/03/2017For DeterminationNot before 26/03/2019
    Health and Safety Policies04/04/2016For DeterminationNot before 03/10/2016


    Map of Worcestershire Bromsgrove District Council Malvern District Council Redditch Borough Council Worcester City Council Wychavon District Council Wyre Forest District Council
    The county of Worcestershire includes the districts of:

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