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Executive, 2024

The Work Programme gives details of the items on which key decisions are likely to be taken by the Executive Committee or full Council, over the coming 4 months.   

Redditch Borough Council has defined a “key decision” as a decision that is likely to:

The purpose of the Work Programme is to alert the public to the times at which key decisions are to be taken by the Executive Committee or Council so that they can raise matters of concern with their Ward Councillor; it also gives non-Executive Councillors the opportunity to see if they would like to scrutinise any of the key decisions before they are made.

The Work Programme is updated monthly.

The Current Work Programme

If you would like to view the contents of the Council's current Work Programme please click below:

Comments or representations about any matter listed in the Work Programme can be made to the Officer detailed alongside the relevant item.

These comments or representations must be received:

Any document listed on the Work Programme will be available five working days before the relevant meeting from Committee Services.

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