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This page lists the meetings for Executive.

Information about Executive

The Executive Committee is the decision making body at Redditch Borough Council.  Redditch Borough Council has adopted the “Leader and Cabinet” model of executive.


Each Portfolio Holder on the Executive Committee represents particular subject areas which are aligned with the Council’s strategic purposes (priorities).


The Portfolio Holders are:


Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Planning, Economic Development, Commercialism and Partnerships – Councillor Matthew Dormer – aligned to run and grow a successful business – covering planning and land use, economic development, commercialism (including local authority trading companies), asset management, key partnerships, grants and the lottery and the Council’s lead for the 5G network..


Portfolio Holder for Finance and Enabling – Councillor Mike Rouse – Aligned to Enabling Services covering Finance, Audit, Revenue and Benefits, governance, human resources, customer services


Portfolio Holder for Community Services and Regulatory Services – Councillor Nyear Nazir - aligned to communities which are safe, well maintained and green and aspiration, work and financial independence – community safety, crime and disorder, safer communities, regulatory services, public transport, children, youth, children’s centres, corporate parenting and health, emergency planning and enforcement.


Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services – Councillor Aled Evans – aligned to communities which are safe, well maintained and green – covering Licensing impacts, better environment, cleansing and waste management, landscaping including trees, woodland and grounds maintenance, sustainability and bereavement services.


Portfolio Holder for Leisure – Councillor Joanne Beecham – aligned to living independent, active and healthy lives– covering culture and recreation, management of facilities including sports centres, theatres and community centres, parks and open spaces strategy including allotments, playing pitches and play areas, sports, arts, physical activity and development, community training, education, learning and skills and IT.


Portfolio Holder for Housing and Procurement – Councillor Craig Warhurst – aligned to finding somewhere to live - covering Housing Services (delivery and development), procurement and Council contracts.


Portfolio Holder for Climate Change – Councillor Anthony Lovell – covering the green thread that runs throughout the Council Plan.  This is an overarching portfolio due to the implications of climate change in a range of service areas.


There are also currently two members of the Executive Committee without portfolio, including the Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Gemma Monaco, and Councillor Peter Fleming.


Strategic Purposes will not be achieved by one service area alone and an individual service area will undoubtedly help achieve more than one strategic purpose.  Services have been listed under strategic purposes to which they most directly relate and Portfolio Holders will be responsible for these services.  However, it is incumbent on each Portfolio Holder to work with the other Portfolio Holders to ensure most effective use of resources and achievement of strategic purposes.


Decisions are made by the Executive Committee collectively.  Portfolio Holders do not have delegated powers to make decisions on behalf of the Committee.


Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Executive Committee.