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Purpose of committee

Nine Councillors sit on the Planning Committee at Redditch Borough Council.  The Committee meets every month at Redditch Town Hall.  The membership of the Committee is determined each year at the Council’s Annual Meeting.


The Planning Committee has the power to make decisions on the following areas:


  • applications for planning consent;
  • Listed Building consent;
  • Conservation consent;
  • Advertisement consent;
  • consent for works to trees in Conservation Areas and trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders;
  • applications for hedgerow removal; and
  • enforcement matters.


Not all applications go before the Planning Committee.  Planning Officers are delegated with the power to work on some applications.  If you are uncertain about whether a particular application will go before the Planning Committee please contact Planning Services.


Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Planning Committee.  Public speaking is also permitted at meetings of the Committee.  Any member of the public who wishes to speak on a particular application is required to register their interest by no later than 12 noon two days prior to the Committee meeting.  There is, however, a protocol for public speaking at meetings with restrictions on the amount of time allowed to address the Committee.




The usual process for public speaking is continuing to be followed at meetings of the Planning Committee.  However, during the Covid 19 pandemic mitigating measures have been taken to reduce the risk of Covid 19 transmission.   Therefore, wherever possible, there will be space between people attending the meetings in person and public speakers also have the ability to join the meeting remotely on Microsoft Teams o address the committee or to submit their comments in writing.


If you would like to register to speak at a meeting of the Planning Committee or want further information on the process for addressing the Committee, please contact Democratic Services (01527) 64252 Ext  3304 / email:





Contact information

Support officer: Gavin Day. Democratic Services Officer

Postal address:
Redditch Borough Council
Town Hall
Walter Stranz Square
B98 8AH

Phone: 01527 64252 ext 3304

Fax: 01527 65216


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