Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 9th December, 2008 7.00 pm, Standards (This Committee has now been combined with Audit and Governance and no longer meets)

Venue:   Committee Room 2 Town Hall

Contact:    Ivor Westmore

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
D Andrews Chair Present
Councillor Anita Clayton Committee Member Absent
M Collins Co-Optee Present
Councillor Andrew Fry Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Malcolm Hall Committee Member Absent
Councillor Bill Hartnett Committee Member Present
J James Co-Optee Present
J Matthews Co-Optee Apologies
S Mullins Officer In attendance
Councillor William Norton Committee Member Present
Councillor Jinny Pearce Committee Member Present
Councillor Brenda Quinney Committee Member Present
S Skinner Committee Officer In attendance
D Sunman Committee Officer In attendance
A Teepe Officer In attendance
B Warwick Co-Optee Present